Experience & Design

We are working with advanced, new technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, biosensors, neuro-monitors with brain computer interfaces and interactive experience design programs.

​Our extensive experience with 3D visualization technology and the programming of complex, high-tech equipment give us the skill to expand the possibility of medical applications and advances.


From enjoyable experiences to serious medical applications we will enhance the human potential.


Movement & Perception

A key focus area of CUREosity is human perception. We are working together with scientists and medical institutions, participating in studies, sharing and testing new knowledge.


Your brain creates a detailed map of your body and its surrounding. Our well-being and our health depends on this map. Miss-mapping leads to chronic pain, mental or physical disorder or serious illness.


Movement awareness and perceptive training in an enriched virtual environment can be used in therapy and positively change or recreate the map of the body, better and faster than traditional methods.


CUREosity transforms powerful mind-body techniques based on well knows practices, in virtual and augmented-reality environments, to generate a simple approach anyone can use.


The Healing Power of Neuroplasticity

Unlock the Healing Power of Neuroplasticity: Neuroplastic healing is truly one of the life-changing breakthroughs of modern science. Our applications are based on the latest scientific results.


Our research is all about the programmability of brain circuits and finding new ways to trigger the self-repairing/rewiring mechanism of the brain. Non-invasive training can influence the biochemical and neuro-electrical balance of the body.

This will improve a large range of serious health problems, neurological or motor-sensory impairments:


Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and cerebral palsy. It´s also useful to reducing chronicle pain, fear and depression.


Relax, Refocus & Reconnect

Our applications help generate an alternate mind-states beneficial for relaxing and focusing. Deep relaxation creates an open coherent state of mind that improves the learning ability and rewiring of the brain.


Multi-sensory input generates deeper connections of memorized information. One of our our goals is to help children with learning disorders or attention deficit disorder.


Our game design environment provides a more enjoyable and less clinical experience than a conventional therapeutic situation.

We discovered that not only children but adults too and even elderly people benefit from this approach.


They are moved by their curiosity - movement is progress and that's the key to cure: that's CUREosity.

"CUREosity uses immersive VR technologies, multisensoric feedback and low latency movement with the purpose to specifically influence the human nervous system."

CUREosity GmbH

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