Prof. Dr. Tobias Schmidt-Wilcke

Chief Physician Neurology

St. Mauritius Therapy Clinic

Meerbusch Germany

"Cureosity is an innovative start-up that uses and further develops VR technology to provide patients with neurological deficits an additional, exciting and effective range of therapies that has the potential to sustainably increase the intensity of therapy both in the clinic and at home. The first results are very encouraging, but now need to be validated by scientific studies."

(Orignal Quote:"Cureosity ist ein innovatives Start-up, welches VR-Technologie nutzt und weiterentwickelt, um Patienten mit neurologischen Defiziten ein zusätzliches, spannendes und effektives Therapieangebot zur Verfügung zu stellen, welches das Potential hat, die Therapieintensität sowohl in der Klinik wie zu Hause nachhaltig zu steigern. Die ersten Ergebnisse sind sehr ermutigend, bedürfen aber nun der Validierung durch wissenschaftliche Studien.")

"The combination of virtual reality and brain-computer interfaces allows us to enhance the training process and enables us to rapidly prototype new and more efficient forms of neuroprostheses.

These technologies have the potential to revolutionize the treatment of paralysis in the future."

Dr. Christian Klaes


Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum GmbH

Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany

Prof. Dr. Peter Langkafel, MD, MBA

CEO and Founder of Digital Health Factory GmbH & Professor at XU Exponential University for Digital Health

"What I really liked was the virtual reality application. Concretely, completely based on the actual need. Really helpful!"

(Original Quote: "Was mir super gefallen hat, war die Virtual Reality Anwendung. Ganz konkret, ganz aus dem Bedarf heraus. Richtig hilfreich!.")

WSA-Germany Award - Jury statement:

"CUREosity is the best example that digital content can cure. By visual stimulation, this therapy system evokes the reconfiguration of nerves. This capability of the nervous system has been observed and used in treatment of stroke and paraplegics patients since many years.


The uniqueness of CUREosity is, that with the use of virtual reality and gamification of digital content the effect is multiplied and time of recovery is speeded up."

Alexander Felsenberg

Chairman WSA-Germany

Member of the Board WSA-Global

In order to improve the health of our patients and to ensure an increase in their quality of life through our VR-based therapy applications in the long run, we are building an interdisciplinary and thus unique network of strong partnerships.


Our products are developed by qualified software developers and experts in the game design industry, scientifically validated in close cooperation with clinical and scientific partners such as the St. Mauritius Clinic in Meerbusch, Germany, supported by investors and guided by experienced business angels.​


Our Partners and Cooperations

Your neurology institute researches in the field of neuroplasticity and is interested in conducting clinical trials?

You are working in a medical rehabilitation centre and want to offer your patients additional digital solutions?

You work as a physiotherapist and are looking for new ways to support your patients in the therapy process?

We continuously expand our collaborations and if you think you match the described criteria above feel free to contact us to revolutionize traditional rehabilitation together.

CUREosity GmbH

Burgunderstr. 27

40549 Düsseldorf

phone  +49 211 822 046 - 26

fax  +49 211 56 37 62 53


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WSA Germany 2020

CUREosity mobile clinic won the "WSA-German Award" and has been nominated for "WSA-Global 2020"

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