It supports cognitive and motoric rehabilitation of the upper limbs and serves as a therapy for a broad range of clinic indications, such as damage to the central and peripheral nervous system or the rehabilitation of muscoskeletal induced movement disorders.

Therapy Continuation at Home

future telemedical support

High Frequency Therapy

Applicable in practicably
all places and at all times,

even in group therapy

"Multisensoric feedback helps to improve and recover
sensoric, motoric and cognitive skills.

High Motivation

gamification and immersion
therapy becomes an exciting event

In Each Step of the Rehabilitation

"Therapy turns into an exciting event with CUREosity Mobile Clinic"

Immediate Therapy Start

Suitable for wheelchair
and hospital beds

"High frequent and regular training leads
to a sustainable success in therapy"



One System, many therapeutic modules


motorical training
of the upper limbs


Wake Up
stimulating and
activating attention

Coming Home
practice of everyday skills

cognitive and
sensorical training

and stress relief

Innovative Features

Sonification & mirror therapy

Embodiment, sonification and an innovative mirror therapy expands body perception.

Progress analysis and future diagnosis

Continuous aquisition of movement paremeters enables a documentable analysis of therapy progression.


Aftercare in the patient’s home can be supervised by therapists and diagostics from any other place.

"CUREosity uses immersive VR technologies, multisensoric feedback and low latency movement with the purpose to specifically influence the human nervous system."

The Beginning of CUREosity

Each of the three founders have had cases related to the medical problem in their own families and founded CUREosity with the explicit aim to help other affected persons to gain back their skills and quality of life.

CUREosity has been clinically developed in an iterative process with medical doctors, therapists and patients and has successfully been tested for 2 years. By now the team has grown into a crew of over 25 interdisciplinary specialists. With CUREosity Mobile Clinic 3D-visualising and IT-specialists, game developers and medical practitioners have created a system which turns therapy into a motivational experience.

"The combination of traditional kinesiology and practical knowledge of physical therapy and immersive parametric gamification is unique in the rehabilitation sector."

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