What is CUREO? 

CUREO is an innovative Virtual Reality based therapy system to support the cognitive, sensory and motor rehabilitation, especially of the upper limbs.

The CUREO-software is a CE-certified medical product which launched on the 1st of February and already got delivered to several clients.

You can also find detailed information about the launch and CUREO on our Blog!

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CUREO: Virtual Reality Rehabilitation at a
Clinical Level

Playful elements, quickly visible training successes and active relaxation tools strengthen the patients' motivation for high-frequency training and thus the success of the therapy. Therapy with CUREO has a positive effect on the neuronal system and helps patients to regain their abilities and thus improve their quality of life.

The spectrum of indications is very broad and ranges from neurodegenerative diseases, stroke, spinal cord injuries to neuropathies. In addition to the benefits for patients, therapists in particular benefit from the diverse features of CUREO: By parallel individualized therapy of several patients by one therapist, CUREO is resource-saving for the institution. It also offers unique therapy functions such as mirror therapy, sonification, embodiment via an avatar and gamification, which are available in all modules and therefore open up new methods of rehabilitation for therapists.

Read more about the therapy goals and indications here.

In Each Step of Rehabilitation

As a compact, lightweight therapy system, CUREO is mobile and can be used anywhere at any time. Thus therapies can be adapted transsectorally to all phases of rehabilitation. From the hospital bed to therapy at home, CUREO enables a wide range of applications.

Immediate Therapy Start

Suitable for wheelchair

and hospital beds

High Frequency Therapy

Applicable in practicably
all places and at all times,

even in group therapy

High Motivation

gamification and immersion

therapy becomes an exciting event

Therapy Continuation at Home

future telemedical support

One System, many therapeutic modules

CUREO was developed over several years of collaboration with scientists, physicians, therapists, patients and software specialists in a hands-on, iterative process. Both patients and therapists are fascinated about the ease of use, the high number of features and the quick onset of success. In cooperation with various clinics and practices, we have been able to confirm this clinical therapy success.

stimulating and

activating attention

motorical training

of the upper limbs

cognitive and

sensorical training


and stress relief

practice of everyday skills

"Multisensoric feedback helps to improve and recover sensoric, motoric and cognitive skills."

Advantages of CUREO at a Glance
  • Can be used transsectorally and from any location

  • CE-certified as a medical device

  • Saves resources

  • Compact, mobile, lightweight and ready for use at the push of a button

  • Mirror therapy, sonification, embodiment via an avatar and gamification

  • Developed in several years of collaboration in a practical, iterative process

  • Clinically proven therapeutic success

  • Broad range of indications

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