How CUREosity identifies opportunities in the Corona crisis

The ongoing situation is not only a challenge for our society and the healthcare system but also for every company. CUREosity is now pushing the development of our VR therapy from home and sees the present situation also as a possibility to change things for the better.


It illustrates the relevance of digitalization in general and requires a rethinking of therapy methods. In the future we would like to avoid any lack of therapy care such as the massive problems of rehabilitation which clinics and nursing homes are facing right now. We will provide VR-therapy which is motivating, safe and easy to use even from home for all who need it.

Secondly, it enables us to further develop our corporate culture, optimize processes, sharpen priorities and improve our communication in many ways. In addition to daily video meetings, we also try to strengthen our team spirit through virtual activities after work such as digitalized board games and virtual coffee breaks.

The Chinese character for crisis consists of two parts: One part symbolizes danger, the other stands for chance. We can only grow and develop together if we identify and take advantage of opportunities in such crisis situations.

In this way, we are motivated to develop further for you - stay healthy!


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