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New colleagues at CUREosity

Today we would like to welcome and introduce again the new talents in our ranks. We are happy about the support of Ulrich Boden, Boris Fiaudrin and Willem Koenen. The respective department heads tell a little about the new colleagues.

Boris Fiaudrin

Caesar van Heyningen: „Bienvenue“: Boris Fiaudrin, a Frenchman with a strong knowledge of German and English, will present CUREO in France in the future. In his young career he already gained experience in helping a German company in the French market. From the city of love - Paris - to the beautiful Rhineland and many new impressions to start with. We are happy that you are part of the team and that you are helping us to gain a foothold in France at an early stage. PS: His master in Law will definitely help him to create a lot of contracts for us.

Ulrich Boden

Petra Söhnlein: I am pleased that Ulrich is supporting the Medical Admission and Quality Management team. Ulrich holds a doctorate in psychology (University of Paderborn) and a bachelor's and master's degree in sports science. As a sports therapist, he has already dealt with VR therapy concepts, among other things, and thus brings a great deal of theoretical and practical therapy experience with him. Welcome to the team, dear Ulrich!

Willem Koenen

Caesar van Heyningen: „Welkom“: Willem Koenen is revolutionising and digitising rehabilitation in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Willem is already an experienced player in sales, worked in various industries and was able to quickly familiarise himself with CUREO. He is a great team player and on weekends he loves to watch soccer. Since joining 5 weeks ago, he has already had the opportunity to present us in front of a professional audience. We wish you continued success, dear Willem.

Jobs CUREosity

Welcome to the team!

By the way, there are many more open positions at! We are happy about every application!


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