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How our colleague developed a VR game for his sick mother

CUREosity was founded on the basis of personal motivation. The founders Thomas Saur, Stefan Arand and Marco Faulhammer have relatives in their families who are paraplegic, have Down syndrome or suffer from MS.

Against this background, they decided to develop a new form of rehabilitation that turns therapy into an experience and makes it fun again for those affected. CUREO was developed.

But not only our founders, also our employees show every day that it is a special concern for them to support the rehabilitation of patients with innovative VR technology.

Therapy with VR

Elma, the mother of our software developer Allart, suffered dystrophy, which refers to degenerative changes in tissues and extremities, after surgery. She was in severe pain and could hardly move her fingers.

Her son Allart didn't want to just accept this condition. He developed a VR game for her to retrain the mobility of her fingers. This was also the cornerstone for our current finger module, with which we enable controller-free, fine motor therapy thanks to finger tracking.


Find out what Elma has to say about VR therapy and whether it has helped her in the video below:


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