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CUREosity introduces: Sebastian, 3D & Concept Design

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

In our new blog series we would like to introduce our employees. We have already listed pictures and positions of our colleagues on our team page, but what does each one do during a typical working day? What does he/she like about CUREosity? We answer this and more today with our 3D & Concept Designer Sebastian Flöth.

CUREosity: Please tell us something about you, Sebastian!

Sebastian: Hey, my name is Sebastian Flöth and I've been with CUREosity since September 2021. I work in the art team and am mainly active as a 3D artist. I am primarily responsible for the concept development and its implementation. That means 3D asset generation, texturing, setting scenes and lighting, animation and finally implementing the whole thing in VR. I try to make things beautiful, you could say. Thanks to my solid background as a media designer, I also appear in other departments and help where I can.

C: Why did you choose CUREosity? What is your personal motivation?

S: CUREosity is something completely different. I didn't feel like doing advertising anymore, it just didn't give me much anymore. Working in a med-tech company with a background of making a difference in the world makes me feel good going to work. My motivation is much higher.

C: How do you like working at CUREosity?

S: It is very pleasant as we are a young, dynamic team that brings a lot of life and energy to the company. I'm also impressed by the versatility. We are also well structured, e.g. on Confluence. We work for a target group that I haven't done anything for before. But implementing our projects together is very exciting and opens up new possibilities, albeit limitations, but ultimately that's what's interesting.

C: Tell us about your funniest or most interesting experience with CUREosity!

S: What I found most interesting was traveling to the St. Mauritius Therapy Clinic and getting feedback from the patients. That was very sustainable.

C: What do you wish for you and CUREosity for the future?

S: I want to evolve in what I do and be a bigger support in game design and VR development.

C: Your job in three words!

S: Make stuff look good (even if those are four words 😉).


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