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CUREosity introduces: Tobias Reidl, Ad Creation & Creative Campaigns

In today's article from the series "CUREosity introduces" we talk to Tobias, who works in our marketing department. He tells us why he decided to work at CUREosity and which experiences at the company he remembers most.

C: Tobias, please introduce yourself!

Tobias: Hi, my name is Tobi and I am 26 years old. I've been working at CUREosity since May 2021. At the beginning I worked one day a week, after a short time I increased to two days and since November 2022 I have been working full time in marketing.

C: What activities do you do?

T: I mainly deal with video production, as well as creative campaigns, for example commercials, explainer films or creatives for Google or social media ads. In addition, there are some smaller tasks in other areas of the department.

C: Why did you decide to join CUREosity? What is your personal motivation?

T: I've been into 3D animation and movies since I was a kid. I also code a lot in my free time. I found it impressive that gaming can go beyond pure entertainment and can also be used and applied in the field of therapy. Ultimately, I applied to CUREosity for this reason - I wanted to gain new experience and at the same time contribute my skills and knowledge to the company in a meaningful way. The focus on health quickly won me over and I find it incredibly exciting to bring these topics together. Everyone knows the situation in which you are ill or injured - in such a situation, nothing is more important to you than to get well again.

C: What is it like to work at CUREosity?

T: Working at CUREosity is super exciting. I'm involved in a wide variety of projects and I've been able to see how my area of responsibility has constantly expanded in a pleasant way and how I can try out different things in the meantime. Probably the most important point here is the dedicated team at CUREosity. We support and encourage each other to try new things and jump over our own shadows.

Medtech Company Dusseldorf

C: Tell us about the funniest/most interesting/most exciting experience with CUREosity!

T: In fact, two experiences come directly to mind, both of which I would like to touch on briefly. When I was at the Mauritius Clinic and witnessed for the first time how patients use our product, that moment had a lasting impact on me. I too have a relative in my family who suffers from mental limitations. Then to see the patients in the clinic, some with even more immense limitations, and at the same time to feel the motivation, was an incredible moment. Furthermore, the MEDICA trade fair has remained in my memory as a very interesting and concise event. I really enjoyed presenting CUREO to interested people and at the same time feeling their enthusiasm. It fascinates me to see how people react to our therapy system.

C: What do you wish for CUREosity in the future?

T: I would like the company to contribute significant parts to the revolution of the self-healthcare market. It would be an incredible revolution for the healthcare market if affected people were able to rehabilitate themselves more independently with the help of technical products.

C: Describe your job in three words!

T: Creative, varied, meaningful.

C: Thanks for the interview, Tobi!

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