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CUREO: The full package

At CUREosity, service is a top priority. It is particularly important to us that patients and therapists are satisfied and that the therapy can be carried out without any problems. With CUREO, we offer a complete system that consists of both the necessary hardware and the CE-certified software.

The hardware includes VR glasses, silicone covers, two controllers, the WLAN router and the tablet, which we deliver in a sturdy and compact case that weighs only 2.5kg - you do not have to worry about any additional equipment. There is no need for any connection to building services, such as WLAN networks. The WiFi router included provides an autonomous network. Setting up the system is comprehensively described in our software guides – it is quick and easy.

Should you ever have a question our team is always available to help guide you – we are always open to suggestions and feedback as well! We also provide exclusive access to our media library to all of our customers. Here you can find videos about everything related to the set up. We show in detail how our system is operated, how individual modules work, and much more.

Feel free to contact us - we will be happy to advise you!


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