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CUREO Release: innovative Virtual Reality therapy software, CE-certified, released and delivered!

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

As announced, we delivered CUREO to the first customers today after the product launch. The CUREO software is CE-certified as a medical device and convinces both therapists and patients with its easy handling and fast therapy success. We are proud to make a significant contribution to new rehabilitation possibilities for neurologically impaired patients with CUREO.

*Image may differ from the actual product

CUREO is a software that uses virtual reality to offer therapists new ways to treat patients with neurological deficits. The modular training units in a virtual reality environment playfully support cognitive and motor rehabilitation – especially the upper extremities are addressed. The immersion in new worlds with different scenarios and game elements motivates patients to high-frequency training and achieves faster therapy success. With CUREO, multiple patients can be cared for by just one therapist, so that clinic resources can be optimally allocated.

Thanks to the compact hardware supplied in a small box, therapists are directly equipped with the necessary equipment to start the patient's therapy immediately. The mobility of our system, which weighs only 2.5 kg, makes it possible to use CUREO with patients in the hospital bed as well as at their homes, making it suitable for outpatient rehabilitation as well. The elaborate aftercare concept of mobile outpatient use ensures sustainable quality of care.

CUREO is approved as a medical device and CE-certified.

We have now been able to deliver this smart system to the first clinics and practices. We are delighted to be breaking new ground in therapy with our customers at our side. But this is just the beginning: With the launch of CUREO, we are ready to revolutionize rehabilitation, to conquer the market and to convince other medical institutions of our technology. We would be happy to take you on this journey and show you first glimpses of the therapy applications in the upcoming weeks.


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