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CUREO in use at Essen University Hospital

We are pleased to announce that CUREO is now also being used at the University Medical Center Essen (UME). Several systems at once are available for patients and therapists to benefit from the possibilities of VR therapy and gamification. In addition, the UME and CUREosity will conduct joint studies in the future to analyze the potential of CUREO in research and care.


The UME's Essen University Hospital is the largest university hospital in the Ruhr region centered at a single location. It is also called the "Clinic of the Metropol" ( In addition to the university hospital, the Essen University Medical Center includes 15 other subsidiaries. Every year, about 500,000 patients are treated at the UME. With their knowledge and experience, the 10,000 employees ensure cutting-edge medical diagnostics and therapy. The clinical spectrum of care is enriched by teaching and research with the medical faculty of the University of Duisburg-Essen with a focus on oncology, transplantation, cardiovascular medicine, immunology/infectiology and translational neuro- and behavioral sciences.

CUREO as a part of Smart Hosptial

Since 2015, Essen University Medical Center, and thus also UK Essen, has been on its way to becoming a Smart Hospital. Digitalization has also reached the medical sector and is seen by Essen University Medical Center as an opportunity to fundamentally change existing processes and integrate new, innovative ideas into medical care. In this context, Smart Hospital is a humane and empathy-driven approach with a much stronger focus on people in the "hospital system".

The idea for Smart Hospital was initiated by Prof. Dr. Jochen A. Werner, Medical Director and Chairman of the Executive Board of Essen University Hospital. The focus is on improving patient well-being and optimizing working conditions for employees. From digitalized laboratory medicine to computer-assisted surgery, numerous projects are already underway. The innovative therapy based on virtual reality with CUREO complements this list perfectly.

With CUREO, not only patients with motor, sensory or cognitive impairments can be treated. The work of therapists is also relieved by efficient functions and, for example, the possibility of treating several patients at the same time. Thus, another foundation stone has been laid for the successful digitization of clinics.

We look forward to further collaboration with UME and the results of our joint studies!


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