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CUREO in use at Benedictus Hospital Feldafing

We are pleased that we could convince the Benedictus Hospital Feldafing of CUREO, the VR therapy is already practiced with many different patients and the feedback is "consistently positive" (view link).

The therapists at Benedictus Krankenhaus Feldafing (short: BKF) use CUREO primarily within physical and occupational therapy as well as speech therapy. For example, patients are treated after a stroke, with cerebral palsy or musculoskeletal impairments (Photo: BKF).

Benedictus Hospital Feldafing, vr therapy

Above all, the transsectoral applicability and helpful functions such as mirror therapy facilitate and optimize therapy.

More about the impressions of the BKF can be read in the following article:

About Benedictus Hospital Feldafing

The BKF is an academic and highly respected teaching hospital of the Technical University of Munich. With a focus on continuing treatment in acute and rehabilitation medicine in neurology, geriatrics and orthopedics, as well as an excellent pain center, patients are treated comprehensively both as inpatients and in day hospitals. Directly on Lake Starnberg and with a view of the Alps, the hospital also offers a great backdrop.

The Schön-Kliniken are also enthusiastic about CUREO. You can read more about it here.


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