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CUREO in the Johanniter Ordenshäuser Bad Oeynhausen

In our latest video, we show Prof. Dr. Stephan Braune, head physician of neurology at the Johanniter Ordenshäuser Bad Oeynhausen. He reports how CUREO is used in the clinic, which advantages arise from his point of view and what other experiences he has had so far.

The neurological department is one of the largest areas and includes about 250 patients. From phase B to D of rehabilitation, patients, some of whom are severely affected, are accompanied here on their rehabilitation journey. CUREO is used in particular for stroke patients, but also for those suffering from motor deficits or muscle diseases.

Prof. Dr. Braune was looking for new therapy options when he came across CUREO. After getting to know our system and trying it out together with the therapists, it quickly became clear that CUREO should be used permanently in the clinic.

Thanks to the high number of repetitions and the high intensity that is possible with CUREO, Johanniter Ordenshäuser Bad Oeynhausen has already been able to achieve some therapy successes. Patients enjoy the therapy more and neuroplastic processes in the brain are promoted.

You can find out more in the video:

About the Johanniter Ordenshäuser Bad Oeynhausen

The Johanniter Ordenshäuser Bad Oeynhausen is a modern rehabilitation center that has been in existence since 1878. Here, patients with neurological, geriatric or orthopedic diseases in particular are treated. Whether inpatient or outpatient - the facility is known for its high-quality and interdisciplinary therapy using state-of-the-art methods.

Many thanks to the entire team and especially to Prof. Dr. Braune for the informative interview.


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