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CUREO enters the ambulatory market

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

CUREosity continues to grow and were able to already initiate the market entry in the ambulatory market with CUREO and its wide range of services. Our new customers include, for example, the occupational therapy practices of Dirk Hartnack in Düsseldorf and the health center in Erftstadt Kierdorf.

In Dirk Hartnack's occupational therapy practices, several patients with a wide range of neurological indications are using CUREO, including people with cerebral palsy and Parkinson's disease. The feedback was very positive, especially the many different modules with the various functions as well as the individual adaptability were enthusiastically received by the patients.

The health center at the old monastery in Erftstadt Kierdorf is also pleased about the therapeutic option that training with CUREO offers. With a focus on physiotherapy, occupational therapy and motopedics, CUREO's range of applications optimally expands existing therapy methods. The first patients were full of enthusiasm and carried out the therapy with motivation.

CUREO in use by patient

Another cooperation partner is the osteopathy practice of Anett Hörster, which located in a prime location in Düsseldorf - on Königsallee. Dr. Dr. Wolfgang H. - a practicing physician and patient of the osteopathy practice - tested our therapy system firsthand and was also highly enthusiastic. After suffering a stroke, he was left with severe movement impairments, specifically in his left arm. After just one hour of training using CUREO that lead him through modules like the orchard game and the sonification module, he notices immediate improvements and realized the therapy potential. Thanks to the adjustable difficulty level, the therapy was optimally adapted to the patient's abilities. Right away Dr. Dr. Wolfgang H. got a sense of achievement and a motivation boost. After his therapy, the patient shared that he could very well imagine to continue the treatment with CUREO in the future.

We are happy to introduce our system into the ambulatory market - even earlier than plannend - and about the great feedback we have received.


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