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RELEASE CUREO® 2.0: Efficient, intuitive, resource-saving

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

We are pleased to introduce the CUREO® Update 2.0 today! We optimize therapy with intuitive, digital and efficient tools. Based on the numerous feedback and user analysis from patients, therapists and clinics, we have further developed our VR therapy system according to the needs and wishes to relieve therapists in particular.

With the new training plan function, therapy implementation and planning is automated. An improved user interface allows access to all important functions with just a few clicks. In six different tests the basic abilities of patients can be tested. The results are conveniently exportable and simplify the time-consuming evaluation of traditional pen-and-paper tests. Additional languages, fascinating enriched environments as well as the extension of our hand tracking feature to additional modules are also among the new features of the update.

Relief for therapists thanks to VR therapy


Time is the most important resource in clinical rehabilitation. Therapists are often overworked even though patients' needs are inadequately met. With the new training plan feature we provide an advantageous tool that significantly relieves therapists. Patients can perform a sequence of exercises previously chosen from all therapy programs. It is now easy to provide a comprehensive combination of competitive, challenging therapy games, precise, concentration-enhancing exercises as well as contemplative, stress-reducing applications without much effort.

Testing of patients' abilities


Another novelty is the testing of six basic skills: Range of Motion, Accuracy, Memory, Reaction, Attention and Holding. When performed regularly, these tests provide a very good overview of the course of therapy, the results of individual sessions or progressive skill development. Through detailed graphical representations, the course is also visually depicted at a glance. Analyzing the test results facilitates the patients' classification in order to choose the right modules and settings, so that patients can better adapt to VR.

Multilingual VR therapy

We added more language options so that even more patients and therapists can use CUREO®. In addition to English and German, we now offer Italian, French and Dutch as well allowing for successful, barrier-free therapy.

Enriched Environments in Virtual Reality

Especially for patients who have been in a clinical, pathologizing environment for a long time, a new setting is important for renewed stimulation and motivation. Our Enriched Environments promote exploration in nine fascinating worlds and help patients find relaxation. Best of all, these new and exciting worlds involve zero travel and are just a few clicks away.


VR fingertracking

We have also expanded options for hand therapy to support patients whose motor functions of the hands and fingers are impaired, i.e., through neurological or musculoskeletal problems. CUREO® now offers the innovative controller-free finger tracking feature - already known from our "finger" module - in additional modules. Thus, apples can be collected while picking fruits or the meteors in the meteor game can be collected without a controller.

Here is the link to our update page:


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